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Oz Wand® is a massager & vibrator with similar features and specifications as the American Hitachi magic wand. It supports 240v voltage and comes with an Australian plug. Here are the features that makes it Australia’s favourite massager:

  • 2 powerful speeds + 8 vibration patterns & pulse functions
  • Powerful vibrations for powerful orgasms: up to 8000 RPM
  • 100% Electric operation | No batteries needed
  • Removable & washable silicone head
  • Length 32cm
  • Discreet appearance (doesn’t look like a sex toy or dildo)
  • Free storage pouch (42cm X 15cm)

Can be used for:

Relaxing and massaging the neck, back, shoulders or the full body. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot (when used with an attachment). It provides relief from stress, and soothes neck and back aches, sore legs and more! The Oz Wand® massager & vibrator can be used in solo or with a partner.

$139.95 | Free Shipping







Oz Wand Massager head

Powerful, Soothing Vibrations

The Oz Wand® Massager is a ‘Ball-top’ type of massager. This type of massager was first introduced in 1970 when Hitachi released the Magic Wand Massager. Since then, ball-top massagers like the Oz Wand continue to be best sellers around the world. They have been featured countless times in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Shape and on world-famous TV shows like ‘Sex and the city”. They are referred by professionals as the ultimate go-to products to improve sexual wellness and reduce stress.

The secret of its success lies in the head of the massager, which contains a powerful motor operating on 220v-240v mains, making it more powerful and durable than battery-operated massagers. This results in deep, soothing vibrations that provide an unmatched relaxing experience.



Flexible Speed Control

What is power without control? Many other wand massagers only have 2 speeds… including the original Hitachi magic wand…leaving many customers wishing they would have more control over the speed as everyone has different tastes.

The Oz Wand® Massager has 10 functions: 2 continuous speeds (just like the original Hitachi magic wand) and 8 pulse functions and vibrating patterns to suit all tastes and to make things more fun!

the Oz Wand massager has multiple speeds



oz wand massager has a 1 year manufacturer warranty in Australia (Oz) and New Zealand (NZ)

1 Year Warranty in Australia & New Zealand

The Oz Wand Massager comes with an extended 1 year warranty in Australia and New Zealand. This warranty applies if any problem arises from normal use. Returned items will be inspected and repaired or a new massager will be sent as a replacement if necessary. This warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of the massager (for example, if the massager has been dropped too many times or if the massager has been in contact with water).

We would like to remind you that this product is NOT waterproof. It is an electric device and should not be used anywhere near water as this could cause electrocution and would also damage the massager and void the warranty.






Thank you for choosing the Oz Wand® Massager. To use it, just plug it in the wall and enjoy. No batteries needed. Press button 1 to turn it on and off. Press button 2 to change speed (10 speeds to choose from).

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS Unplug the masssager and remove the spongy head. Clean the spongy head with antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner. If you want to clean the massager itself, wipe it with a damp cloth. DO NOT submerse the massager in water. DO NOT use petroleum or acetone-based cleaning products. Store away from dust.

CAUTION Please beware that this product is NOT waterproof. DO NOT use it in the bath, shower or anywhere near water. Contact with water can damage the unit and may cause electrocution. DO NOT use it on swollen or inflamed areas or if you have minor lesions. DO NOT use it for more than 25 minutes at a time, let it cool down.

97% Of Women Prefer External Stimulation Achieved With The Oz Wand® Massager

Australian women prefer external stimulation achieved with the magic wand massager by Hitachi




Ready for intense orgasms?




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1 Year Warranty

1 year warranty

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1 year warranty



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